The Story of the Tight(s) Cycle

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As individuals and as a company we try hard to always make environmentally friendly and socially responsible decisions. We started as avid cyclists, who love fashion and want to show that a healthy and more active lifestyle is 'cool' and fun. We want to encourage people to think about their buying decisions and show them how they can make positive contributions to society and the environment - simply by riding a bicycle.

Nonetheless, we have our concerns and struggles with using terms such as “eco” or “eco-friendly” for our brand: all that want is a platform for fashion and we make a living from selling clothes. Let's face it, every label, brand, manufacturer or fashion designer pursues the same goal: selling their product. Therefore we produce clothes, ship products across the globe, drive consumption and add items to the market... and eventually to the landfills. Therefore, from a sustainability point of view, certain qualifications are unfortunately not fulfilled.

So the least we can do as a company is always choosing the most sustainable alternative, producing better products and finding ways to minimize the negative impact of our product's life cycle. That's why we started the “Tight(s) Cycle”:

The idea is simple. Tights or pantyhose are prone to tearing or laddering. They usually can't be recycled and they're not biodegradable. So we were looking for ways to recycle them and turn them into new products rather than dispose them to the landfills.

The Story of the Tight(s) Cycle

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