Winter Cycling: Skin Care For Colder Temperatures

Winter Cycling: Skin Care For Colder Temperatures

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Low outside temperatures and cold wind in combination with central heating demands heavily on all types of skin during winter season – especially when you bike a lot. It can even get to that point where your skin feels dry, irritated and sore. But finding the right skin care can be a pain as well. Over the past years of cycling and commuting by bike, our team tried lots of different lotions and moisturizers, but most of them simply didn't do the job. Either they dried off too quickly, were too oily to use with make up, or even made the skin feel worse.

Every skin type has different needs, but for most skin-types you can stick to the rule: lots of moist with long-term hydration as an important element to youthful, radiant glow during the colder months.

Here's a selection of products/brands our team is using and that help us maintain a healthy looking skin all winter long.

1) Elizabeth Arden - Eight Hour Cream: guess what? Supposed to protect and hydrate skin for up to eight hours. Well, it actually does last that long and that's why it's our all-time favorite skincare multi-tasker. Put on lips and dry spots in the morning before your ride and in addition apply 2 or 3 times a week on entire face before going to bed to reduce redness and irritation.

2) Hydreane Legere La Roche Posay:

  • Extra rich nourishing texture
  • PERFECT to use under makeup
  • Paraben free.

3) La Mer Cream with Sea Silt Extract: soothes cracked and irritated skin and leaves it soft and smooth. Provides lasting hydration although it's very heavy to use with make up.

4) Organic Coconut Oil: smells like beach and summer vacation and helps chapped skin to heal faster. Put a little bit on very dry skin before going to bed.

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