Thousand Top Colors: You made your choice

Posted by Allthatiwant on

In our Insta Stories we asked you which Explore Thousand helmet color you think is the coolest. You voted and the Premium Gold was your favorite just ahead of the Rosé Gold. Then the helmet in Polished Titanium almost immediately on with Carbon Black! Here you come directly to the top picks .

About the “Thousand” bike helmets:

“We have given our brand the name "Thousand" as a promise - a promise, literally, to save the lives of 1000 cyclists by designing a helmet that people will actually wear. And the name helps us to be reminded every day why we are doing this in the first place.

In 2015, Thousand started with a Kickstarter campaign and every day since then we are grateful that every helmet shipped means that a cyclist actively chose to protect their head." Gloria, Founder of Thousand.

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