DIY Stage Outfits

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We are in the middle of summer and music festival season is reaching its peak. To me festivals and concerts are the ultimate summer activity and I consider myself as a professional front-row performer. But since I already spend tons of money on tickets, I am on a tight budget when it comes to my (in-front-of) stage outfit.

Here are some inspirations for DIY outfits that will make you immediately feel like a rockstar.

Denim jacket

My very own denim disco jacket.

DIY outfits

band shirt? No, DIY cut and tie-dye. (Photos by Allthatiwant).

Bike Lower East Side

Getting there: DIY basket and seat cover designed by my unknown neighbor. (Photo by Allthatiwant).

Do you have more ideas for DIY festival outfits? Please send them to We would love to share them!

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