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Part of the Allthatiwant team is based in Honolulu, HI and when it comes to cycling to the beach, there's probably no one better equipped than Allthatiwant Co-Founder Mela.

“Of course the most mandatory beach essential is SUNSCREEN. Make sure to apply enough in the morning and re-apply several times while sunbathing. It's really up to your skin type, what kind works best for you and what SPF you should use. My personal favorites are Burn Out Eco-Sensitive Sunscreen available at Whole Foods or hypoallergenic sunscreen from Ladival .

For the ride I prefer to pack light. Put water, sunscreen and snacks in a cotton back pack like the note bag . When you arrive at the beach it transforms from a backpack into a colorful beach bag with just one pull. Cotton bags also make great beach bags, since they most likely will get wet and sandy and after beach season you can simply put them in the laundry.

More bulky stuff, like a beach blanket, bbq grill or watermelon;) goes into the wooden crate by Fietskrat (the Fietskrat also has a cup and water bottle holder – how awesome is that?)

Saddle Covers are not only for rainy days. They protect your saddle from sand and salt water and when you bike in your swim wear it's definitely more comfortable.

Outfit: I personally like to combine colorful accessories with flowing fabrics. And on the ride back wider dresses or shirts in light colors can help reduce sweat and help protect you from nasty sunburns.”

Yay to summer and aloha,


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