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Bike Date?

Yo, wanna go on a date with me? The people from Halifax have figured it out. We just came across this ad that offers to organize your bike date. Check it out:)


Beach Bound

Part of the Allthatiwant team is based in Honolulu, HI and when it comes to cycling to the beach, there’s probably no one better equipped than Allthatiwant Co-Founder Mela. “Of course the most mandatory beach essential is SUNSCREEN. Make sure to apply enough in the morning and re-apply several times while sunbathing. It’s really up to your skin type, what kind works best for you and what SPF you should use. My personal favorites are Burn Out Eco-Sensitive Sunscreen available at Whole Foods or hypoallergenic sunscreen from Ladival. For the ride I prefer to pack light. Put water, sunscreen and snacks in a cotton back pack like the Notabag. When you arrive at the beach it transforms from a backpack into a colorful beach bag with...


Thousand: The bike helmet you actually want to wear

We were searching the bicycle and fashion world for a golden bicycle helmet for as long as we can think…And finally we’ve found one: The new bike helmet collection by California based brand Thousand is made for city and urban cycling. Featuring a sleek matte finish, vegan leather straps and an easy to open magnetic locking.