Proved: Shakespeare Was A Bikester

Proved: Shakespeare Was A Bikester

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Every time I go back to Paris, where I used to live and work, I write a long to-do list with all my favorite things and places I definitely can't miss out on visiting while I am in the city.

One of the things with top priority on my list, not only because I watched ' Before Sunset ', is with no doubt spending time at the Shakespeare and Company Bookshop . A magical place that immediately puts you in a time warp.

Victoria Book Shop

(Photo by Victoria Johanna, Allthatiwant.)

Intoxicated by the promise of my usual high anticipation I swung by the bookstore and found something I had not quite expected: bike art in front of the shop.

Bike Art Paris Red Bike

(Photos by Victoria Johanna, Allthatiwant.)

Back at my place I knuckled down to some deep extended online research, but unluckily had to face the fact that I will probably never find out from 'whose mind this idea has spilt outside.' If any Parisians out there know the creators: please let me know. I suppose it has something to do with the Bard's great passion for bikes, a passion we not only assume he had, but that also got proved recently by these cool lads: Shakespeare Was A Cyclist .

If we could not convince you to make sure you'll check out this place at some point, we really do hope good old Shakespeare himself did. Also we are pretty sure he actually meant 'To cycle or not to cycle: That is the question'.

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