Dashel Fahrradhelme: Gutes Design muss auch gut für die Umwelt sein

Dashel bike helmets: Good design is good for the environment.

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"Cycling is safe. The benefits to your health and wealth outweigh the risks, so we’re not going to try and scare you into wearing a helmet. We want to wear something slim and flattering to get about town. So we've designed cycle helmets that are light, safe and comfortable. Made sustainably in the UK."Bicycle woman on house wall with Dashel bicycle helmet

A few years ago we met Catherine Bedford, the founder of Dashel , at the Berlin Bicycle Show. That was shortly before she produced the first helmets in Cornwall and we were allowed to test the first prototypes back then.

The name Dashel also comes from the first place of production, because dashel means thistle in Cornish and the thistle is a native plant of the region. Today, the Dashel helmets are produced in Devon (UK) and have been using 100% renewable energies since 2022.

Good design - good for the environment

The Look: In order for you to actually wear a bicycle helmet, of course it depends on how it looks. Dashel helmets have a clear and elegant design, do not look bulky and are also very light at 310g. But: Good design must be more than good looks and functionality. Well-designed products must have as little impact on the planet as possible. For this reason, the Re-Cycle helmet has elements that can be completely recycled and added back to the production process.

We are very pleased that Dashel has found its way into our online shop and we are sure that the certified helmets will give our customers a lot of (driving) pleasure. Click here for the Dashel helmets and if you have any questions, just let us know!


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